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Learn about the Cottage

Sinnamon’s By The Sea is a comfortable, 2 bedroom with 1 queen size and 2 single bed cottage located just off the beach in Kilcunda. Only a 90 minute drive from Melbourne, Sinnamon’s By The Sea is your holiday home away form home!

What you need to know about the Holiday Cottage

1 Queen Size Bed & 2 Single Beds

Clean and Comfortable Living

Bed Linen & Towels

2 Minute Walk to the Village

Free Wifi and Internet Connection

Smart TV with Netflix Access

Walking Distance to Ocean Views & Swimming

High Quality Crockery and Glassware

Full BBQ and Kitchen Facilities 

Heating and Air Conditioning

Patio and Deck Area

Spacious, Fully Fenced Yard

How to use the woodfire?

We will endeavour to have the fire ‘set’ ready to start on your arrival. If this has not been done, simply build a small mound of a scrunched up newspaper; add a firestarter, and build a small crisscross pile of kindling on top

Ensure the fan is turned on – check the right-hand side midway down the side. Turn it to at least the lowest setting. The fan must be on at all times when the fire is alight.

Ensure the air control/tamper leaver is pulled out to fully open – located on the top right-hand side of the wood heater

Light the newspaper; leave the door slightly ajar until the kindling has caught fire.

Slowly add medium size logs and close the door.

As these logs catch fire you are able to load in larger logs.

Once the fire is well alight, slowly reduce the air intake by pushing in the tamper leaver to about the halfway mark. This reduces the speed of the burn without compromising heat output.

Sit back and enjoy

Provided the door is locked (always check) it is perfectly safe to leave the house or go to bed with the fire burning – provided the fan remains on.

How to brew a coffee?

We like our coffee strong; so here is our way to brew a coffee pot for two

Fill the coffee pot to level 6

Lift the lid on the brewer and pour the water (cold water) into the water tank at the back top right

Scoop 4 heaped tablespoons of coffee into the filter and close the lid

Press the on button and the machine will do the rest

We tend to keep the sugar in the fridge due to it being a favorite of the Kilcunda ants.

How to use the washing machine?

You may need to use the washing machine during your stay and feel free to do so

Adding soap – pull out the soap container on the top left-hand side. Add about half to three quarter scoop of washing poweder to the far left slot.

Turn the machine on – press the silver dial/button

It is set for a normal wash on a 60 minute cycle

Load the machine and close the door

Press the start button on the RHS

How to use the dryer?

Dial the preferred setting

Open the door and always check the lint has been removed from the filter

Load items to be dried

Close the door and press start.

How to use the stove?

A full guide is available beside the stove on the right-hand side.

If you are having difficulty in getting the hot plates to operate it is probably because the unit has been ‘locked’

Follow the instructions under CHILD LOCK to unlock and begin use.

What do our recent visitors think?…

“Thank you Steven for a wonderful stay in this beautiful home. Our family has really enjoyed our holiday here and appreciate all the wonderful amenities you have provided here! We hope to return in the near future! Thanks again”

Kraemer Family


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